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Welcome to Africa Women in Mining Dialogue

The Africa Women in Mining Publication is a unique platform that addresses women activities in the mining sector,facilitates discussions and promote mining dialogue in a form  of workshops, conferences, seminars and other forms of mining indaba aim to build women across AFRICA and beyond.

In the past, women were not allowed to work in the mine, today we celebrate and acknowledge the bold effort the mining houses has made, not only creating the space for women to operate, but most importantly allowed them to grow towards EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT and BOARD level.

There are many successful stories which are not adequately recorded, massive achievements made by women and incredible perseverance through hardships that needs to be put in perspective. Transformation should no longer be yet another talk so to tick the right boxes, empowerment of women should happen natural and afforded equal access to opportunities and appointed on merits to top management.

The Publication therefore tabulate such stories including companies leading on total transformation and empowering women through skills development, implementation of SLP tailored for women and the visibility of Women at top management.

This is The VOICE of Women in the Mining sector.

Empowerment of women

To be the VOICE of Women in the Mining Sector across the continent of AFRICA and beyond.

Our Vision

New Business Development

To see the empowerment of Women in Mining come to reality.

To promote opportunities and facilitate Social Labour Plans Projects.

To work with ALL mining houses in order to disseminate right information to correct audience on time.

To participate in ALL mining dialogues and discussions so that we remain relevant and up to date at all time particular on the issues of Women.

To see formation of Youth in Mining and promoting of junior mining as catalyst for youth employment.

Our Objectives



To publish the success stories of Women in the Mining sector with the aim of empowering other women to take up opportunities in this space.

To educate, empower and promote women in the Mining sector.

Our Mission

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The 2nd Annual Women in Mining Namibia Conference gathering of Women in mining CEOs and stakeholders to share future of mining in SA.

Namibia Women in Mining Conf.

27&28 - 03 - 2019

The 3rd Mpumalanga Annual Mining Conference - The economic hub of MP

Mpumalanga Annual Mining Conf

11 - 04 -2019

The gathering of women in Mining across the Country followed by Galar Dinner.

Women in Mining Conference

03 - 08 - 2019

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